Friday, 11 April 2014

My WIP and Spring Blossom

My current wip is this

It's a lovely project to work on because the threads are so pretty.

 It's to replace the original wedding sampler.

I love this photograph, taken of one of the trees outside my little home

It's so beautiful, the flowers are perfect.



  1. Hi, thanks for your comment to my blog:)
    You create beautiful stitching up! Your bunny so sweet!:)
    Nice to meet you!
    Have a nice day:)

  2. hi its me cucki from south africa..
    thank you so much for sweet comment on my blog :)
    your stitching is so sweet like you..
    big hugs and love x

  3. Such lovely stitching, and beautiful blossom. hugs.

  4. Hello Rosie!

    So nice of you to visit my blog ,and leave a sweet comment!
    I live at the finland at the most Northern parts of Europe...I so loved your picture of the blossoming tree we still need to wait forsome month until the spring is here.
    I have two dove gray Norwegian Forest Cats ( Melissa Baby and Miss Namine) and a creme /cinnamon coloured Chow Chow Puppy girl called Misty . you have done so pretty stitching and i think that the threads are really beautifull on Your WIP. And I love lace and roses !!

  5. Hello! Thanks for your comment to my blog:) See you.:)

  6. I loved hearing from you in my blog. Lovely flowers in your garden are inspiration for great projects! I'll read your posts with great interest. Lol
    P.s.. My cat is named Pimpa and is part of our family since 2005!

  7. Hi! Your blog is fantastic!
    I'm now your followers ;))
    A kiss from Italy

  8. Thanks for your visit and comment to my blog:)
    Happy Easter:)

  9. hello I like your blog and your works!!lots of kisses!!!

  10. I like your blog and I'm your new follower.
    Your stitching is wonderful.

    Happy Easter, Manuela